On our journey aiming at "giving life to dreams", today, we are touching the lives of millions of people in more than 150 countries with more than 60 companies and close to 30 thousand employees. Behind this success, lie the values that carried us to today and that will carry us into tomorrow.

İnsan Kağnağı En Önemli Sermayemiz

We are dreaming and turning these dreams into reality...

Imagination and “self-confidence that gives life to our dreams” are in our DNA. We recognise our responsibilities. We set our strategy and action plans in this direction. We are working for the future of our country, producing added value, moving forward with the goal of becoming a global company.

Yenilikçi, Girişimci, Öncüyüz

We are innovative, entrepreneurial and pioneer...

We are closely following the rapidly changing world dynamics. We value dynamism, innovation and creativity in all our business processes. With our entrepreneurial spirit, we do not just create awarenes but also difference. We continue to be the address of the first, the pioneer of change in our country.

Hayallerimizi Hayata Geçirmek İçin Çalışıyoruz

Our people are our most vaulable asset...

The key factor for turning our dreams into reality is our employees. We endeavor to employ the best talents; we aim to create an ecosystem that enables our employees to demonstrate their potential for innovation and creativity, supporting their professional and personal development. We believe in a participatory, fair, transparent, accountable and responsible management providing a working environment where equality, diversity, common goals, team spirit, sharing and communication thrive.

Hayallerine hayat vermek isteyenlere ilham veriyoruz.

We inspire those who want to realize their dreams...

Our responsibilities are not limited to the business areas in which we operate. We are also dreaming for the community we live in, inspiring for a better future. We invest in projects that will benefit society and we collaborate with all of our stakeholders to create common value.

Müşterimizin her günü daha da güzel geçsin diye çalışıyoruz.

We work to make each day of our customers better than the last ...

“People” stand at the very heart of our operations. With our innovative and sustainable products and services, we produce solutions that will make our customers’ life easier, adding value to their lives. We aim to build long-term relationships based on trust and partnership.

Kurumsal sürdürülebilirlik anlayışına sahibiz.

We embrace the corporate sustainability culture as a "lifestyle”...

Given the fact that society, the environment and the economy are the three basic elements of sustainable growth, we know that long-term success can not be achieved without fulfilling our responsibilities towards the environment and society. We aim to create a better world for today and for the future while generating sustainable and value-added revenues, and encourage our employees and stakeholders to embrace the culture of sustainability as a lifestyle.


At the heart of our approach to sustainability
is the understanding of social equality.

We Support
The Global Compact

As Zorlu Group, we see equal opportunity as one of the main components of our sustainability approach. Social equality is among our most important principles of responsibility in all of our business processes.

In line with our commitments to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we offer equal and fair opportunities for our employees based on their skill and experience.

As a signatory to the UN Women's Empowerment Principles (UNWEPs), inclusive growth and the provision of equality between men and women in working life are among our priorities.

We encourage gender equality throughout our companies. We support the empowerment of women in economic and social life being fully and effectively involved in decision-making processes.

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