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We produce local, high-quality, renewable and environmentally friendly energy.

Zorlu Energy Group is making investments decisions in accordance with the main objectives of our country's energy policies; considering sustainable energy is an important element of sustainable development.

Pioneer in local and renewable energy: ZORLU ENERGY GROUP

Zorlu Energy Electricity Generation Company, which is the only publicly-traded company of Zorlu Energy Group, comprises of companies in electricity production and sales, natural gas trading and distribution, solar panel trading, construction of "turnkey" power plants, maintenance and operation services in Turkey and abroad.

The Group constantly evaluates opportunities in the energy sector energy on a national and international scale by adopting the principle of protecting and developing economic, environmental and social values in all geographical areas where it operates.

Zorlu Energy's production portfolio includes 7 hydroelectric, 3 wind, 4 geothermal and 3 natural gas power plants in Turkey; 1 wind power plant abroad in Pakistan and 3 natural gas power plants in Israel.

Zorlu Energy, the only authorized distributor and business partner of First Solar PV thin film solar panels in 26 countries in Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Eastern Mediterranean regions, as of 2017, signed a partnership agreement with Locus Energy, in 2018, covering Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East, started O&M services for solar energy facilities.

Zorlu Electricity Distribution, providing high-saving tariff packages for consumers and offering solutions to minimize costs, offers electricity distribution services in Osmangazi where approximately 4 percent of Turkey's electricity consumption is realized, with more than 1.5 million subscribers.

As of January 2018, the total installed capacity of Zorlu Energy's power plants is reaching 1162 MW.

With its geothermal, wind and solar energy investments, Zorlu Energy is the most important supporter of Turkey’s target to raise the share renewable energy sources in production to 30 percent by 2023.


Pioneer in local and renewable energy.

Moving forward with the implementation of projects that contribute to sustainability, Zorlu Energy envisages developing renewable resource diversity and share n its production portfolio, primarily geothermal and wind.

With an installed capacity of 239.5 MW in geothermal, and an installed capacity of 272 MW in wind, 78 percent of Zorlu Energy’s total installed capacity in Turkey is based on renewable energy sources.

Committed to contributing to the future of the world, and as a responsible corporate citizen, Zorlu Energy published the first sustainability report in the energy sector in Turkey in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards in 2011, and today is one of the few companies in the Istanbul Stock Exhange Sustainability Index.

Zorlu Energy, which aims to be a future energy company, gives priority to designing next generation solutions such as dissemination of electric vehicles.

It is also our priority to reduce environmental footprint as well as vital issues such as conservation of natural resources and energy supply security.

Zorlu Energy Electricity Generation Inc.

Zorlu Energy Electricity Generation Inc., which was established as an autoproducer company to meet the electricity and steam needs of the factories within the Zorlu Group in 1993, comprises of 3 natural gas conversion plants. The largest plant operates in Lüleburgaz with an annual output of 133.2 MW. The Bursa Power Plant comes in second place with a production capacity of 90 MW. The other plant in the domestic production portfolio is the Yalova Natural Gas Cogeneration Plant with a production of 15.9 MW. Thermal power plants within the Zorlu Energy Electricity Generation Inc have a production capacity of 176,1 MW and a steam production capacity of 159,5 tons/hour.

Zorlu Natural Electricity Generation Inc.

Zorlu Natural Electricity Generation Inc., with Turkey's highest geothermal electricity production capacity, was founded in 2008. In the same year, Ankara Natural Electricity Generation and Trade Inc. began to operate as of September 1, 2008, taking over 7 hydro, 1 geothermal and 1 motorin (gas turbine) plant as a result of the privatization tender.

Rotor Electric Power Production Inc.

Operating since 2010, with 54 active turbines and 135 megawatts of installed capacity in Osmaniye, Gökçedağ Wind Plant, produces 300 million kilowatt hours per year, being one of the three largest wind power plants in Turkey. The Gökçedağ Power Plant has a Gold Standard certificate with an ecological and social balance sensitivity and is integrated with Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Zorlu Electricity Import, Export and Wholesale Trading Co.

Zorlu Electricity Import, Export and Wholesale Trading Co. is founded in 2000 with the purpose of buying electricity from home or free zones and selling it at home as wholesale or direct sale or exporting it to abroad. Backed by Zorlu Energy Group’s 1091 MW installed capacity, it delivers continuous and safe services to its customers and business partners, providing 61 percent of the electricity it carries out from renewable sources.

Zorlu Industrial and Energy Facilities Construction and Trade Inc.

Zorlu Industrial, operating since 2000 to develop and implement projects for industrial and energy facilities, is constructing Zorlu Energy power plants. The company also produces cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for investors outside the group, including pre-feasibility studies, engineering, procurement, turn-key construction and assembly services.

Zorlu O&M Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Inc.

Zorlu O&M was founded in 2000 to operate and maintain power plants. In addition to all power plants of Zorlu Energy Group, the company is also signing projects with third parties. Zorlu O&M, provides long-term provide operation and maintenance services to eight power plants in Turkey and Greece. It also serves power plants in Kuwait and India. Zorlu Energy established the first and only calibration center of East in Gaziantep. The Calibration Center has a capacity to provide 100,000 units of service a year; sector experience, the latest technologies and expert staff in the field with reliable, quality, innovative, systems and solutions to serve customers.

Zorlu Hydroelectric Energy Generation Inc.

Zorlu Hydropower was founded in 2007 to build hydroelectric power plants and electricity generation facilities based on all kinds of renewable energy sources and to sell the energy produced in these facilities.

Zorlu Geothermal Energy Electricity Generation Inc.

Zorlu Geothermal was founded on June 2008. The company's activities include developing projects to meet all kinds of energy, steam and heat needs, establishing feasibility and establishing electrical energy production facilities based on all kinds of renewable energy sources and selling the energy produced in these facilities. Following Turkey's first geothermal power plant Kızıldere I of of 15 MW, Zorlu Energy invested $ 250 million Kızıldere II with an installed capacity of 80 MW implemented, in 2013. Turkey's largest an done of the world's biggest geothermal power plants, Kızıldere III’s first unit of 99.5 MW went operational in 2017 with an investment of 580 million dollars. Zorlu Energy's total installed power in geothermal energy reaches 239.5 MW.

Zorlu Natural Gas Procurement and Trade Co.

Starting its activities in 2010, Zorlu Natural Gas Procurement and Trade, has been providing import, export and wholesale of LNG-spot liquefied natural gas in domestic and international markets. The company sells the LNG it receives from suppliers in different countries to its internal market customers.

Zorlu Natural Gas Import, Export and Wholesale Trade Co.

Zorlu Natural Gas was established in 2003 in order to purchase compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) both domestically and internationally and to sell them in Turkey and export them to foreign countries. Constantly reinforcing its position in the Natural Gas Trading Marketi Zorlu Energy has so far traded about 3 percent of natural gas in Turkey, since it received its license in 2010.

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