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We create social, cultural and economic centers of attraction in Turkey.

With a different dream from classic real estate companies, Zorlu Property aims to introduce projects that would be talked about even after a century and create social, cultural and economic centres of attraction in Turkey.


Introducing new lifestyles: Zorlu Property

Aiming to carry out unprecedented projects and to introduce people with new lifestyles, Zorlu Property provides smart solutions that contribute to the developping and modernizing structure of the city, in harmony with the historical, urban and natural landscape.

Public spaces, residences, hotels, office buildings and cultural centers brought to life by Zorlu Property are introducing Turkey with different lifestyles.


A dream come true: Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center, which welcomes 12 million visitors per year, is a center of attraction in the heart of Istanbul, at the junction of Asia and Europe. Turkey's first 5-functional "mixed use" project with a total investment of 2.5 billion dollars, Zorlu Center consists of a performing arts center, shopping center, hotel, offices and residences.

Zorlu Performing Arts Center: a platform leading the cultural agenda in Turkey

Zorlu Performing Arts Center (Zorlu PSM), brought to life with a $ 300 million investment from Zorlu Group, is one of Europe's largest and best performing arts centers. From the day it was founded, Zorlu PSM continues to host many shows, from world-famous Broadway and West End musicals to international stars and experimental theater communities.

Smart office that respects people and environment

While Zorlu Property enhances the efficiency and performance of existing properties, it continues to work on R&D for innovative projects. Designed as an environmentally friendly building with an electric car park, a bicycle park and a total of 10,000 square meters of green space, Levent 199 brings a new look to office projects.

We bring into life designs that reflect dreams.

Zorlu Property Development and Investment Co.

Zorlu Property Development and Investment Inc. was founded by Zorlu Holding Inc. in 2006 in Istanbul to develop quality residences, business centres, hospitals, hotels, social and cultural areas and commercial warehouses on valuable domestic and international land, to invest in these properties and to sell, lease and/or operate them.

Zorlu Construction Investment Inc.

Zorlu Construction Investment Inc. was established to take part in the Zorlu Center Project and it is now the new owner of the land of the 17th Directorate of Highways in Zincirlikuyu, Istanbul. Zorlu Construction Investment Inc. Introduced Turkey's first 5 functional midex-use complex within the Zorlu Center Project that includes a residence, shopping mall, hotel, office spaces and socio-cultural areas.

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