Fields of Activity

Consumer Electronics, White Goods And Telecommunications

We are Turkey's leading brand in global technology exports.

Turkey's leading brand in the field of technology, Vestel leads Turkey's digitization process with its production approach in world standards, with its innovative and quality products and its vision.


A world giant in electronics: VESTEL

One of the largest technology companies not only in Turkey but also in the world with a total of 26 organic companies of which 16 are outside Turkey, Vestel Group of Companies offers the whole world a wide range of wares in consumer electronics, white goods, digital products, information technologies, LED lighting and defense.

Export champion in the electronics sector since 19 years, Vestel is the market leader in TV production in Turkey, and among top 3 in White goods production in Europe. One of first 2 producers in the European LCD TV market, one of the top 10 producers in the European white goods market, Vestel alone accounts for approximately 88% of Turkey’s TV exports and approximately 30% of its white goods exports. Today, Vestel products are used by millions of people in 155 countries.

The largest industrial complex in Europe producing in one locale

With an annual production capacity of 30 million units, Vestel City is one of the largest industrial complexes in Europe built on an area of 1 million square meters, producing in a single locale. Vestel City, which employs 16,000 people, is the only Turkish factory that was showcased in the National Geographic Mega Factories documentary.


With the importance it gives to R&D and innovation, Vestel aims to transform “smart life” into a structure that will produce solutions in all areas of life.

Turkey's top patent-producing company

With its 1600 engineers, Vestel is Turkey's top patent-producing companies and also one of the top 3 Turkish companies among the top 1000 R&D spending companies in the world. Vestel has 8 R&D centers in different countries. Having completed the Smart Home integration in all its products with the emphasis on R&D and innovation, Vestel aims to transform the smart life into a structure that can produce solutions in every area, from transportation to houses.

We use technology not only as a goal, but also as a tool; we produce smart systems and solutions of the future for a sustainable world.

Vestel Defense

Vestel Defense, a product of Zorlu Holding's technology and R&D accumulation, was established in 2003. In 2005, the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry initiated the MINIAR Project, which was launched by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and decided to invest in unmanned aerial vehicles. The company concentrated on the aviation field and signed the first domestic tactical unmanned aerial vehicle. The company produced its own designs, Karayel, Bora and Efe.

Vestel LED Lighting

The Group's sales and marketing teams, which started in 2011 at Vestel Electronics Manisa Factory, started to operate under the Electronics roof from the last month of 2012. Developing products in line with domestic production and design concept, Vestel LED Lighting became the leader of LED lighting industry in Turkey after a very short time of 6 months following its introduction to the market according to Frost & Sullivan Research Company. Today, Vestel LED lighting group is a strong candidate for Vestel's locomotive product groups, in an era where energy efficiency is getting more important.

Vestel Technology Solutions

Vestel Project Partnership provides solutions for the needs of the private sector and public institutions with the lighting, television, white goods, built-in appliances, digital solutions and climate products produced in Vestel City, one of the biggest industrial complexes in Europe. Vestel Project Partnership brings Zorlu Holding's strength and Vestel technology together to provide professional solutions and enable institutions to reach the highest technology. Specialist teams in their field first make a reconnaissance tour, identify needs and design suitable products. By designing the most appropriate products in the most accurate way, they offer flexible and varied payment alternatives for investment costs. Vestel Project Partner, which introduces domestic Vestel technology in line with the needs of education, restaurant, health, hotel, store, bank and housing projects, offers Vestel’s quality services from exploration to product design, projecting and financial solution application to after sales support.

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