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As Zorlu Holding, we have no boundaries in our dreams; we give life to dreams in many fields ranging from finance to air transportation, from hotel management to tourism.

Jules Verne: We offer innovative services in all areas of tourism

Providing services in all areas of tourism, Jules Verne was established in 1998 and joined Zorlu Holding in 2004. Making a difference by its corporate and individual services, Jules Verne’s specialized staff serves its customers across an extensive spectrum from agent award and motivation meetings to conventions and from product launches to boat trips.

Zorlu Air: We fly to your dreams with independent air taxi

Launching its operations under the roof of Korteks in 1992, Zorlu Air begins to operate as a separate company in 1996. Zorlu Air serves its passengers with a 2016 model AW-139 VIP helicopter with 6-8 seats, a 2002 model Bell-430 VIP helicopter with 6 seats and a 2012 model Gulfstream G-450 Large Cabin plane with 14 seats. All vehicles joined Zorlu Air inventory the year they were manufactured.

Zorlu Factoring: We propose financial solutions

Zorlu Holding’s only company in the finance industry, Zorlu Factoring launched its operations in Istanbul in 2012. Providing factoring services in Turkey and abroad, the company brings factoring products and services across Turkey by focusing on medium and large-scale firms along with sector-standout businesses with a broad supplier and dealer network.

Zorlu Grand Hotel: We built the first 5 star hotel in Trabzon

Trabzon bears particular importance in the history of the Zorlu family and Zorlu Holding. It’s where brothers Ahmet and Zeki Zorlu embarked upon their trade business and the foundations of Zorlu Holding were laid. Spending a major portion of their youthful years in hotel rooms, Zorlu brothers built the region’s first five-star hotel to meet the city’s need for accommodation facilities. The first five-star hotel in Trabzon, Zorlu Grand has been hosting its guests with meticulous care since 1997. The centrally located in the city at a distance of 4 km from the airport, the hotel serves with 160 rooms of which 13 are deluxe suites as well as six conference rooms suitable for a large variety of events such as conventions, meetings, seminars, and weddings. Zorlu Grand Hotel is cited among the 25 best business hotels in Turkey.

Zorpet: We built the most famous stopovers of Manisa-İzmir highway

Zorlu Petroleum Products, Transportation, Construction, and Food Industry and Trade PLC went into operation in 2002. Zorpet facilities on the highway between Manisa and Izmir are one of the best-known stopovers in the area. In addition to the sale of petroleum products, the facilities include outlets selling Vestel and Taç products, a café, and a restaurant/bar.

Zorlu Ventures, aims to liberate dreams and to redefine the future with realistic dreams

Zorlu Ventures is a corporate investment company founded by Zorlu Holding to support entrepreneuship and to bring new business areas to the group. Drawing power and inspiration from Zorlu Holding's corporate strength and support to achieve the commercial success of the companies it invests in, Zorlu Ventures gives priority to technology and innovation based initiatives that can create new business areas and create solutions for changing living conditions. Well positioned within entrepreneurship ecosystems in Turkey and on a global scale, Zorlu Ventures provides financial support as well as mentoring support.

As a cutting-edge venture capital firm, Zorlu Ventures is investing in purpose oriented smart technology entrepreneurs that will drive change .

As a subsidiary of Zorlu Holding and with offices in Silicon Valley and across Europe, Zorlu Ventures helps innovative ideas that will change business models reach different markets and go global.

With an investment approach that goes beyond financial contribution, Zorlu Ventures mobilizes all the resources of Zorlu Holding for the sustainability of the investments. It shares its communication network, resources and energy with innovative initiatives that offer solutions to changing living conditions.

It takes on a purpose oriented partner role that adapts to the pace of entrepreneurship.

The Zorlu Group, which exports to 154 countries, is getting strength and taking inspiration from its companies.

Zorlu Ventures; provides access of every initiative anywhere in the world, that has innovation and commercial value and create added value for society and economy. In this process, Zorlu Group, which exports to 154 countries, is getting strength and taking inspiration from its companies.

Zorlu Ventures, that works independent from geography, culture, country and language, in order to reach every initiative that is getting prepared to write the future is taking part in entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey and the world. It aims to support and guide every entrepreneur who "thinks big" and makes a difference.

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